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Learn to build products in 8 weeks

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Why You Should Join Our Cohort?

Make Friends

You'll make friends with people who have similar interests and backgrounds. You'll never feel alone in the Program as we have a thriving alumni community that loves to grow together

Build Your Portfolio

Every work you complete can be used to showcase your skills and expertise. This will help you to become self-confident in your future endeavors.

Good Things Come For Free!

No Hidden Charges! We only need your dedication for 8 weeks

Exclusive Guest Sessions

Get guidance from industry experts on your projects, career aspirations, and more.

Interview Preparation

Develop your hard skills and soft skills and grab your dream job.

Solve Real World Problems

Identify Real-world problems and learn how to brainstorm and come up with the solutions.


Week 1 - Week 2

Learn how to brainstorm products, plan, design, and talk to users

Week 3 - week 6

Learn the art of writing code and how to promote it on the internet

Week 7 - week 8

Learn how to ace interviews with experts and crack your dream Jobs

You shouldn't join the cohort if :

Did you check any of these boxes? We are very sorry! This might not be the right learning platform for you

Your Mentors

People with real development experiences will share their personal insights and experiences, which you won’t find anywhere else


Product Owner and Co-founder @ Rivista Founder @ Team Codesign

Vatsal Dusad

Co-founder BBR

Manasi Shah

Co-Founder The clueless company


Product at PayPal

Drishti Makhija

SDE Blinkit

Ayush Patro

Product at Builder Ai

Arham Doshi


Devesh Raj

Founder Mealobox & Ex-Google

Veerain Grover

Engineer at Quantumblack, AI by McKinsey

Parul Dhand

Founder at OnTheRiseMedia

Sohini Pattanayak


Mehul Fanawala

Co-Founder The clueless company


Co-Founder at FUELER

Shivani Ravi

SDE Surya Digitech

Garvit Kushwaha


Rajani Ekunde

DevOps Engineer at GlobalLogic

Soham Shah

Software Engineer AT Marvin

Saurabh Jain

SDE Zomato

Let's make your career grow with our hands-on project cohorts

All the GenZs are making projects to learn, when are you joining us?

How You Can Crack Your Dream Job with

BBR English (also Blackboard Radio) is an award-winning initiative focused on improving English communication. 

Learn to construct UNIQUE and POWERFUL interview answers that catch the attention of the interviewer

FREE Resume Analysis

Learn to master The STAR formula and answer ALL interview questions perfectly

Cheatsheet of the “ 14 Most Common Mistakes” in interviews

How You Can stand out from the competition with

Rivista helps you to stand out from the competition and increase your visibility. 

Establish yourself as an expert with Social proof & Proof of work.

Get showcased.

Access resources to grow as an individual & professional.

Get Stats and Customise your profile as per your needs.

How can you build a healthy attitude & foster better professional connections with

MindFry is your Mental Health Partner that supports you to understand & prioritize your mental health.

Learn how to handle stress amidst the job-hunting

Learn to prioritize your mental health

Understand your strengths precisely & build your confidence

1 Free Therapy Session

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Our graduates work at


If You Have Any Questions About The Cohort That Aren’t Covered Here, Email Us At info [At] Skillvalley. in and We’ll Get In Touch.

This course is for those who want to learn Web Development to transition into a new career or to build an additional skill.

Whether you’re a student, engineer, working professional or anyone else.

The cohort has only 40 seats, so please take some time to fill out your application and answer the questions to your best ability.

Good Things Come For Free! No Hidden Charges! We only need your dedication for 8 weeks

The cohort has been designed to allow people to participate part-time along with college and other stuffs.

However, you must be able to dedicate a minimum of 10-12 hours every week based to attend the live sessions and submit your assignments on time.

No, the course can’t be done at your own pace.

The program has a structured schedule and requires your active participation in team.

Your proof of work deserves a place where you can build an economy around your identity hence you will Get Access to Rivisita App

Yes! The Cohort is designed in a way to maximize team work.

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